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Saigon Square – A shopping paradise in Saigon

Saigon Square is one of the “stops” that you should come when visiting Saigon. In addition to being an interesting shopping destination, there are a lot of things you should explore before actually going there. In this article, Saigon On Motorbike will introduce you to the forming process of Saigon Square, the items to buy and the tips when coming there.

Development of Saigon Square

Development of Saigon Square


Founded in 2000, Saigon Square is considered as "a high-end market" for followers of Saigon shopping. Saigon Square (Saigon Square) now has all 2 facilities in District 1 on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Hai Ba Trung streets, open from 9 am to 21 pm every day. This is considered a famous "shopping paradise" in Saigon because it meets the need of huge purchase of fashion followers. Coming to Saigon Square you should go with a “professional” to choose the right item instead of spending too much on the attractiveness of things sold there.


Things you can buy in Saigon Square - a fashion matrix

Things you can buy in Saigon Square


Saigon Square is likened to a "matrix" by the number of stalls selling clothes. We are sure that you will be you may have your legs tired by passing by many stalls in Saigon Square because you do not want to skip any corner, hunting for unique items. If you come here for the first time, you should not hesitate to ask which shop you want to go, the sellers here are very friendly and hospitable so they will show you which way to go.


Things you can buy in Saigon Square


In Saigon Square, there are nearly 350 stalls consisting of diverse items: from clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, watches ... to lots of other items that hardly any commercial center or shop outside may provide.


Shoes shop in saigon square


Saigon Square is a combination of shopping from popular goods to branded goods. The selling prices are divided into wide ranges. However, Saigon Square is called a market so feel free to bargain. Many customers who buy and sell things there share that you should reduce about 60% of the price compared to the listed price, and then gradually pay up to 20 or 30 thousand Dong.


Behind saigon square


Because of the bright, formal space, the way people sell things, Saigon Square is called by the name "high-end market". It is also a place collecting wholesale goods from many fashion stores in the city. Regular customers can buy new items at reasonable prices.


The drawbacks

In addition to the outstanding advantages compared to other markets, Saigon Square still has many limitations such as counterfeit products of fashion brands, which causes distrust to customers. Besides, many faulty items are sold together with standard goods so buyers need to be careful.

Discounted items are used to be “hot” ones in the market that are no longer favored. Many people buy them in large quantities because of cheapness until they come back discovering that they are defective items.

How can we get to Saigon Square?

You can go to Saigon Square by the most common public transport - buses. It is also in Saigon that there are many travel companies offering tours to every corner of the city, you can register Saigon Shopping Tour to join these tours to get to Saigon Square.

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