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How to ride scooter in Vietnam?

It is said by people that Vietnam is a country that has the largest number of scooters in the world.

It must be wonderful riding a scooter around the city and try all street food in Vietnam like a true local. Citizens in Saigon – Vietnam believe that riding scooter is the ultimate way to explore areas in this city.

Scooters make moving easier for anyone. So let’s start learning how to ride the scooter!

It is obvious that riding is such a dangerous activity, so keep it in your mind whenever you have the intention of getting a scooter.

For safety, you must wear a helmet before getting behind the handlebars and don’t take it off until you get off the scooter.

Saigon on motorbike supports tourists bring helmets.

Saigon on motorbike supports tourists bring helmets.

If this is the first time you ride, choose a place that has no traffic – a football field, a parking lot,...

- Get on the seat, let your both legs touch the ground. If you are not tall enough, hold the scooter, lean your body a little to your right side and try to reach the ground in your ability.

- Kick up the stand with your foot.

- Put the key in and turn it to “ON” mode.

- Hold both brake levers with your left and right hands, and press the “START” button to start the engine. Slightly turn the gas handle with your right palm for a while, just enough for activating the engine.

- And it’s time you moved! Release the breaks, and accelerate steadily by turning the gas handle slowly. Your bike will start moving. Pick your feet up off the ground and place them on the foot platform on the bike as soon as you feel the momentum.
- Try to balance your weight as well as the scooter’s weight. To do this, you should go slowly at first and gradually increase the speed.

- Once you want to turn, lean slightly to either side and the handlebar will turn almost automatically, just like the way you turn a bicycle. When going very slow, to turn, you use your hands a little bit more, whereas when riding fast, practically all of the turning is done by just leaning on either side.

- Stopping and learning to stop confidently is equally important! The front brake (usually on the right-hand side) is the more efficient break, as when your brake, all the weight of you and the bike will move on the front wheel. Learning to always use both breaks when breaking is the fastest and typically the safest way to stop. So hold a few of your fingers on both brake levers at all times! If there is any sand on the road, using the front brake can cause you to slide and fall on your bike. If you see sand on the ground, break slowly, using the back brake more, and continue riding at a slower speed.

- Follow all the instructions above and you can ride. Be confident and you are ready to join others in the traffic. Just remember that not to be hurry! Start slowly, and you will become better at riding and more confident after every ride.

After succeeding in riding, you must have a license to be officially allowed to join the traffic.

You must be Vietnamese or a foreigner who is allowed to reside, work or study in Vietnam and you are at least 18 years old.

You just need the things below to complete an application form to register at the driving examination:

- A photocopy of your permanent residence card or valid passport.

- Health certificate provided by the jurisdictional health department.

After taking the examination you will be granted your driver’s license.

Or else, if you have already had an international or national driver’s license, you can get a Vietnamese driver’s license by doing the following requirements:

- You have to reside in Vietnam and have at least a three month Vietnam visa.

- Documents include:

A complete application form to change the driver’s license

A Vietnamese version of your driver’s license

A photocopy of your driver’s license

A photocopy of your passport

A photocopy of a valid visa or permanent residence card.

Time for changing driver’s license is five working days after all the things above are available

Once you have satisfied all those requirements, you’re allowed to ride a scooter in Vietnam. Safe riding!

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