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How to get to Ho Thi Ky flower market – Ho Chi Minh City?

Jun 20,2019

Located in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Thi Ky Flower Market was established in the 1980s and became the largest flower trading hubs in Ho Chi Minh City. Flowers from everywhere are gathered here every day.

Things that make vietnam special

Jul 23,2019

things that make vietnam special, that is a country full of history, culture, amazing food, and some of the friendliest people

Do you know Vietnamese cuisine ?

Nov 18,2019

Street food or junk food is all kinds of food, drinks that have been ready-made to be served to meet the demand of customers on the sidewalks or public places. Do you know Vietnamese cuisine?

Ho Thi Ky Market: Discover the liveliest culinary paradise in Saigon

Apr 12,2023

If you live in Ho Chi Minh City, you've probably heard of a famous market with hundreds of delicious and affordable snacks. That's Hồ Thị Kỷ Market - a popular gathering and entertainment spot for Saigonese people.

Discover famous places to eat in Ho Chi Minh city

Apr 16,2023

With more than 10 million inhabitants, Ho Chi Minh City is not only the economic and political center of Vietnam but also an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This city is known for its rich and varied cuisine. Therefore, we would like to introduce to you the famous places to eat in Ho Chi Minh City so that you can fully enjoy the delicious food of the South.


May 18,2023

Hoi An Ancient Town is not only characterized by its picturesque blend of ancient and modern scenery along the poetic Thu Bon River but also by its distinctive architectural structures that have been preserved to this day.        

The Artistry of Overseas Adventure Travel: Crafting Unforgettable Journeys

Sep 04,2023

Embark on a transformative odyssey with our guide to overseas adventure travel. Explore uncharted territories, immerse in diverse cultures, and create indelible memories. Unleash your wanderlust and craft your masterpiece journey today.

Unlocking Budget-Friendly Wanderlust: 15 Creative Travel Ideas for Your Next Adventure

Sep 04,2023

Tired of the same old vacation spots? Yearning for thrilling journeys without breaking the bank? Look no further! Dive into this article to discover 15 exceptional and budget-friendly travel ideas.

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