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Ho Thi Ky Market: Discover the liveliest culinary paradise in Saigon

If you live in Ho Chi Minh City, you've probably heard of a famous market with hundreds of delicious and affordable snacks. That's Hồ Thị Kỷ Market - a popular gathering and entertainment spot for Saigonese people. So, what's there in one of the busiest markets in Saigon? Let's take a stroll around Hồ Thị Kỷ Market with Sai Gon or motorbike in the following article.


Where is Hồ Thị Kỷ Market located?


Hồ Thị Kỷ Market is situated on Hồ Thị Kỷ Street, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. It was originally a wholesale market specializing in fresh flowers and fruits in Saigon. Started operating since the 1980s, Hồ Thị Kỷ Market has become a familiar name for anyone living in Ho Chi Minh City.


There is a diverse range of products sold here, among which fresh flowers, fruits, and snacks stand out. Fresh flowers are transported from the provinces in the Mekong Delta, even from Dalat. You can choose beautiful flowers at reasonable prices here. Taking a walk around Hồ Thị Kỷ Market, you can turn your home, study corner, or workplace into a dreamy flower display.


Besides the flower market, Hồ Thị Kỷ Market attracts visitors with affordable products serving daily needs. Especially in recent years, this market has emerged with delicious, nutritious, and affordable food stalls, attracting many young people.


What are the opening hours of Hồ Thị Kỷ Market?


Many people are curious about the operating hours of Hồ Thị Kỷ Market and when they should visit. Don't worry because Hồ Thị Kỷ Market is open 24/7, and you can visit here at any time. On holidays, Tet, weekends, or full moon days, the market will become even more crowded and bustling.


Customers come to Hồ Thị Kỷ Market not only to buy goods. At certain times, people often come here to admire flowers, take photos for check-ins, etc. Vendors constantly deliver and pick up goods, making the market always full of people.