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Vietnam  - A Destination for street food

Vietnam has a various culinary culture. It is shown by the way of cooking, the ingredients combination and eating habits of the Vietnamese. The fact that people have different eating habits in each part of Vietnam makes Vietnamese cuisine unique and appreciated by the world.

Food-lovers from other countries may have heard about some of Vietnamese Cuisines. Will you try the food in Vietnam if you have a chance to come there?

It is in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) that almost foreigners people enjoy Vietnamese traditional food such as Pho, Hue beef noodle soup, ect. This city is definitely a “heaven” for those who have a passion for street food. Let’s expore how various is street food in Saigon!

One of the places you should go is district 4. Despite the fact that this is regarded as the smallest district in Saigon, district 4 is voted by “eaters” to be
the “dining district”. Dishes are neither luxurious nor expensive but mainly the taste of Saigonese. One of the highly recommended street food is Banh mi – “the best Vietnamese sandwich to fall in love with*”. There are butter, pate, meat, cucumber, chili and cilantro in a bread. Banh mi is often sold on a mobile small glass case. There may be only 2 minutes to stop to buy crumble Banh mi.

In Saigon, especially when it turn out to be an extreme day, you can take a break on the sidewalk and enjoy sugarcane juice. Whenever you try one, you may not be hesitate to get another one. Not only served as a beverage, sugarcane juice is also popular in Saigon because of the convenience for those who always rush for work.

Last but not least, you may also fall for Pho just after the first time trying this kind of food. Overcoming other food, Vietnam's Pho is deserved to be the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine. In Saigon, no matter it is day or night, a bowl of Pho is never hard to find. You can easily catch sight of a Pho shop on any street in Saigon. Although Pho is not an official national dish but it is internationally well-known and it has become an instant favorite for anyone visiting Vietnam!

Have you realized that there are so much food to try and things to do in Saigon – Vietnam?

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Vietnam is among the greatest food destinations in the world. Therefore this is a great opportunity for you to visit Saigon and get your own experience!

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