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Vietnam  - A Destination for street food

Nov 08,2018

It is shown by the way of cooking, the ingredients combination and eating habits of the Vietnamese. The fact that people have different eating habits in each part of Vietnam makes Vietnamese cuisine unique and appreciated by the world.

Story coffee in Vietnam

Nov 13,2018

Vietnamese coffee is part of socialization and as a result, you can find Vietnamese coffee in various forms, formats, and styles. Something to fit most tastes and satisfy most desires!

Traditional costumes in Vietnam

Jul 17,2019

Through the flow of history, Vietnamese traditional costumes can be listed as Ao Dai, Ao tu than (four-panel traditional dress), Ao Nhat Binh (Nhat Binh traditional dress), Ao ba ba (loose-fitting blouse or Mrs. Ba’s shirt)

Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet holiday) and its related activities What is it?

Jan 17,2020

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is calculated by the lunar calendar, it often occurs at the end of January, which is one month later than the New Year’s Day. Lunar New Year is specially colored by Vietnamese culture.

Discover Ghost Apartment "Thuan Kieu Plaza" in Ho Chi Minh City - A unique travel experience in Vietnam

Mar 18,2023

Thuan Kieu Plaza ghost apartment in Ho Chi Minh City is a unique tourist destination and attracts the attention of visitors. The unique and mysterious architecture of this apartment building offers a strange and interesting experience for those who want to explore the spookish world.

'Back in time' with Do Phu coffee - Dai Han broken rice in Saigon Ranger style

Mar 26,2023

A coffee shop-cum-restaurant that is also a historical site, associated with the secret activities of the Saigon Special Forces. Just that is enough to make many curious tourists want to find this interesting address. That is Do Phu - Dai Han rice dish coffee shop.

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