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Dan Sinh Market (Residential Market) – An interesting shopping place

In Saigon, people rarely notice that there is still an old market that only sold things of the past. Dan Sinh market for more than 60 years still silently has kept memories of the time. As a company specializing in providing travel services in Saigon, Saigon On Motorbike will introduce this special market to visitors around the world. In the article below, you will know the history of the market, the items you should buy there as well as the shopping tips.

How was Residental Market formed?

Dan Sinh Market

After 1975, the whole Saigon entered a miserable time, the whole city turned into a huge market and the Dan Sinh market became the most prosperous trading place.

A famous place selling old things of Ho Chi Minh City

A famous place selling old things of Ho Chi Minh City


Located in the heart of bustling District 1, which is a famous place for selling second-hand goods of Ho Chi Minh City, Dan Sinh Market is the first choice of electronics, warranty, electrical, industrial equipment …


Inside dan sinh market


People who have lived in Saigon through the flow of history at least once went to Dan Sinh market. This market is used to be a place where poor people come for their living.


Inside dan sinh market


People come there for anything: war items from aircraft parts to rope even though it is used to sew military bags; the belongings of the rich family from a kitchen rag to an Arabian carpet. But perhaps the goods that are popularly hunted in this market is the compass. Many people say at that time when the Honda Dame cost only one and a half gold ounce, each compass may be worth a few gold ounces.


Inside dan sinh market


Merchants at Dan Sinh market quite honest, if you are not familiar with an item and asking for origin, they will tell you immediately. Items of Thai soldiers, which were imported through the Cambodian border, did not have a price. The army suit is also easy to find. The only valuable item of this type is the conical hat of the soldiers from the Dien Bien Phu aera.


Inside dan sinh market


At the stores selling soldiers’ items at Dan Sinh market, goods are divided into 3 levels. American are premium brands. A new pair of American soldier shoes may cost several million. Then there are Zippo lighters, water bottles, badges of the army… Everything is “hot”.


Inside dan sinh market


In addition, the market also has shops selling souvenirs, camping tools… Of course, the price also depends on what type of that item and appearance of the one who wants to buy this. Sellers just need to look at the buyer and give a price.


Tips for exploring Dan Sinh market

The seller may evaluate the appearance of the buyer to set a price for the item. Therefore, if you want to buy goods, you should go with someone who is knowledgeable about the items sold there.

Nowadays, Dan Sinh market has very few genuine old goods stalls, most of the traditional stalls were replaced by new stalls growing up later. You should take a walk around the market before deciding to buy something.

The authentic and fake goods are sold rampantly at the market. If you are not specialized in this field, you may buy the wrong products. Therefore, you should learn carefully or ask someone who is knowledgeable if you want to buy things there.

Although the area is narrowed and the inside has changed a lot, the soul of this area still reigns in the hearts of Saigonese. They can find the past with many memories of love right in this market.

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