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Simple guide to Tan Son Nhat airport

The airplane is currently the fastest means of transportation with great distance. Currently, in Vietnam, there are 5 major airports including Noi Bai International Airport, Danang International Airport, Cam Ranh - Khanh Hoa International Airport, Can Tho International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Some passengers moving in these airports for the first time may find it confusing and difficult. Therefore, in this article, we will share some useful information about traveling here and guide to Tan Son Nhat airport.

Simple guide to Tan Son Nhat airport

General introduction about Tan Son Nhat airport

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Tan Son Nhat Airport or Tan Son Nhat International Airport is one of the three largest international airports in Vietnam. It is also an important transport hub of the Southern region.


With a total area of 850 hectares, Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the largest airport in Vietnam. Located in Tan Binh District, it’s about 8 km north from the city centre. The airport code of Tan Son Nhat International Airport is SGN (IATA code) and VVTS (ICAO code).

Technical infrastructure

Simple guide to Tan Son Nhat airport


Tan Son Nhat International Airport has 2 passenger terminals including 40,048m2 international passenger terminal and an international passenger terminal of 93,228m2, with a maximum capacity of over 13 million domestic visitors and 12 million international visitors per year.


Tan Son Nhat Airport equipped with security equipment, safe and modern navigation equipment.

Utilities at Tan Son Nhat airport

To meet the needs of passengers, Tan Son Nhat Airport currently offers the following service utilities:

1. Banking and ATM services:

Banking and ATM services in Tan Son Nhat airport


Vietin Bank service opposite D2 door (domestic station). ATM consists of 06 machines on the ground floor, opposite to the D2 terminal (domestic station); 04 machines at column 14, 01 machine at column 3 - ground floor of arrival station (international station).


2. Medical services:

  • - All medical clinics work 24 hours a day.
  • - National medical office: Lobby between station to and from, near door D2 (domestic station)
  • - International medical office: Near the departure door number 18
  • - International medical office to: Ground floor, Lobby of arrival terminal (A2 Door, next to Mai Linh Taxi service)
  • - Medical clinic at gate 17: ground floor under gate 17

3. Luggage storage service:

Baggage storage counters are at columns 13 & 14, the ground floor of the international station of arrival.

Operating: 7:00 - 23:00.

4. Entertainment centre:

The children's room is located on the second floor of the isolated area, the international station of depature.

5. Baggage packing service:

There are 3 domestic stations: a station is at gate D2; a station is near the escalator to the departure gate and the last one is opposite the A & B procedure area.

There are 2 international stations: a station is at D1 entrance and another one is near the entrance to the D2 door.

6. Money exchange service:

There are 4 places at the international station: near the departure gate number 17,18; opposite the sequence of procedure D (Departure station); behind the border gate police station (Arrival Station); international lobby (exit).

7. Free Wifi service:

Both of the stations have been equipped with free wifi service (24/24 operation), allowing passengers to get access to the internet without any limitation. You may select the network "TSN Free Wifi Express" for connection.

8. Free battery charging service:

The national terminal has provided a free battery charging service, operating 24/24 at the following locations:

  • - D1 door, opposite the automatic check-in kiosk of Vietnam Airlines
  • - Vietjet Air waiting room, opposite the door of 16-17
  • - 1st floor, opposite the security screening area
  • - 1st floor of the lounge area, opposite the door 10-11 and 11-12

9. Seat & sleep box service:

Seat & sleep box service in Tan Son Nhat airport


While waiting for the flight, passengers can sit and sleep in a sleeping chair or rent a bedroom at the seat & sleep box service located on the 2nd floor of the isolated area, the international terminal, near gate 21-22. After completing all the procedures, passengers turn right to go to the end of the corridor towards the departure door number 27.


10. Business guest room service:

The system of VIP and CIP-class guest rooms at Tan Son Nhat international airport includes:

  • - Domestic station: 2 VIP living rooms in the isolated area of the 2nd floor
  • - International station: 6 guest rooms at the isolated area of 1st and 3rd floor


check-in in Tan Son Nhat airport




The baggage you carry will be divided into two categories:

  • - Hand – carried goods are the items that you take with you when getting on the plane. Luggage of this type usually has limits on size, weight, ... depending on the regulations of each airline.
  • - Consignment items are usually heavy, bulky items that you send when checking-in. They are left in a separate luggage compartment. You can only pick up items when you arrive. It is up to the type of airline ticket, the airline that the number of items sent or weight is different. If you send too much, you must pay more money. Firms have a list of items that are not allowed to carry, you must comply with this rule.

As a rule, hand – carried luggage is allowed to carry only up to 7kg. Due to security issues, you cannot carry knives, scissors, weapons, lighters ... Depending on the ticket and former registration, you only can send items up to about 20 kg or 30 kg. If the weight is over 20 kg or 30 kg, you will be asked to split it into two packages. To avoid confusion or misplacement of your luggage, you should mark your belongings with the most visible signs.

Locations for procedures

  • - For domestic station: Passengers are recommended to be at the airport at least 60 minutes before departure time and complete all airline procedures to receive boarding passes. The check-in counter will be closed 40 minutes before the flight time.
  • - For international stations: Passengers are recommended to be at the airport at least 120 minutes before flight time to carry out all procedures, consignment luggage and receive boarding cards at the floor. The check-in counter will be closed 50 minutes before the flight time.

Gate D1, D2 and D3 for procedures are located at 2F 2nd floor of Tan Son Nhat airport terminal. Passengers move there and search for a door to check in according to their flight.

If you arrive late (when the check-in counter has closed), you will not be able to make that flight. Depending on ticket conditions, your ticket may not be valid to travel on alternative flights or you will have to pay an additional fare and/or ticket exchange fees to change a new ticket. This may take a lot of time, causing unexpected situations. Therefore, pay attention to the time to not miss the flight.

How to get to Tan Son Nhat International Airport from the city centre?

To move to Tan Son Nhat airport, passengers can choose motorcycles, buses airport taxis.

How to get to Tan Son Nhat International Airport from the city centre?


  • - Airport taxi: you should choose some reputable taxi firms such as Mai Linh, Airport Taxi, Saigon Taxi, Vinataxi, ... or book a car on the application of Grab taxi. In addition, you can use the service of sharing taxi of DichungTaxi at the price of only 90,000 VND / trip.
  • - Tan Son Nhat airport bus: There are currently 4 active routes running through Tan Son Nhat airport
    • + Route 152 (Trung Son residential area - Tan Son Nhat airport)
    • + Route 109 (September 23 park - Tan Son Nhat airport)
    • + Route 119 (Western bus station - Tan Son Nhat airport)
    • + Route 49 (center of District 1 - Tan Son Nhat airport)

    Three routes 152, 109, 119 with bus prices of 6,000 - 12,000 VND / turn. Particularly, route 49 is not subsidized. A busfare is VND 40,000.

  • - Motorbike or car: You can park your car or motorbike at Tan Son Nhat airport's parking lot with the motorbike price of 5,000 - 10,000 VND / turn. Cars range from 10,000 - 30,000 / turn.


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