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Explore 4 floating markets in Mekong Delta

The floating market is one of the characteristics of Western Vietnam - Mekong Delta. When coming to Mekong Delta, you can't help but visit the floating market. For the best experience in this place, Saigon On Motorbike will recommend some floating markets that you should come.

Coming to the Western region, you definitely cannot ignore the Floating Market - a unique culture that only people in the river can have. Floating Market is a market where sellers and buyers are forced to use boats or boats as a means of transportation and transportation. Often the market will be meeting early in the morning at the channels of the canals, the river intersects and the water level is not too low, not too high. Floating Market is not only a place to buy fresh fruits, agricultural products, and many other items, it also attracts tourists to visit and enjoy exploring the special lifestyle of the river.


Explore 5 floating markets in Mekong Delta


1. Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang

Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang

Once mentioning Soc Trang, people often think of Tan Long stork garden. But there is another special place in Soc Trang that not to be missed, it is Nga Nam floating market.

Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang

This is one of the famous long-standing floating markets of Mekong Delta. Located at the intersection of 5 rivers: Ca Mau, Vinh Quoi, Thanh Tri, Long My, and Phung Hiep, the market belongs to Nga Nam town, Nga Nam district, Soc Trang province.

The market is operated almost throughout the day, contributing to the exchange of goods for the three provinces Soc Trang, Hau Giang, and Bac Lieu.

Because the traffic is not convenient, the market still retains the original character of the local. Guests can see many unique features like boats selling porridge, a noodle soup. From there, you can buy many things ranged from the famous western rice to seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish.

2. Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho


Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho



This is the largest floating market in Mekong Delta. This market is operated on Cai Rang river - Can Tho province and only 6km from the city center. Visitors can move to Ninh Kieu wharf 4km from the market and the journey takes about 30 minutes by boat.



Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho



On ordinary days, the market is operated from 3 am to 9 pm. But on the Tet holiday, the lively market seems to take place all day. The highlight of this market is the trading of famous agricultural products such as pomelo from Vinh Long, Lai Vung tangerine, Cai Mon durian or Tra Vinh coconut...


In addition to exchanging and trading, tourists from all over the world can also enjoy specialties right on the boats. Drinking coffee on floating markets will also be interesting experiences.

3. Nga Bay floating market - Hau Giang


Nga Bay floating market - Hau Giang



Nga Bay floating market (Seventh-intersection floating market) has another name - Phung Hiep floating market. It is because this market is located on the seventh place where 7 rivers intersect. Nga Bay floating market is about 75km from Hau Giang city and 35km from Can Tho city center.



Nga Bay floating market - Hau Giang



They often sell things like fruits, vegetables or household items. But there are also handicraft items or strange “items” such as geckos, tortoises, snakes...


4. Long Xuyen floating market - An Giang


Long Xuyen floating market - An Giang



This market is formed based on the needs of people in An Giang area so it is not as crowded as other floating markets. But retailers from Long Xuyen floating market sells a full range of goods to meet consumer demand.



Long Xuyen floating market - An Giang



But not so that this floating market is less attractive to tourists. If you want to enjoy a west-featured peaceful market, this is the right choice. The market still retains the pristine character of the local. People are very friendly there so that you do not have to bargain.


Here in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon On Motorbike offers a tour that shows you many features at Mekong Delta, including floating market. If you feel like to explore the floating markets mentioned above as well as our “Mekong Delta By Car” Tour, feel free to call us for booking and join us for your best experience!

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