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Pho Tau Bay - A unique brand of Pho in Saigon

Jan 02,2019

Pho is considered as the culinary characteristic of Vietnam. In Saigon, Pho is very popular with diners. Apart from Pho in general and Pho Tau Bay in particular

Secrets hidden inside an armory right between modern Saigon

Nov 28,2018

In Saigon, there are several historical tours that bring visitors to many places like this unique house. Saigon On Motorbike is one of the best choices for tourists coming to Saigon

The Pries History of Beer in Vietnam

Nov 26,2018

Beer has become an indispensable part of Vietnamese’s culture cuisine. In Saigon – an active and busy city of Vietnam, like coffee, beer is a beverage that can connect people from any status. Being in Saigon is a great chance for tourists to try the local beer

Cu Chi - historical place and its untold stories

Nov 19,2018

The Cu Chi Tunnels - one of the most remarkable attractions in the South of Vietnam – is a symbols of loyalty, wisdom and creativity of Viet Cong Soldiers during the struggle for Vietnam independence.

Different ways to enjoy coffee

Nov 19,2018

Coffee is the most popular drink with over 400 billion cups being consumed each year. In Vietnam, people drink coffee not because it keeps them awake.

Story coffee in Vietnam

Nov 13,2018

Vietnamese coffee is part of socialization and as a result, you can find Vietnamese coffee in various forms, formats, and styles. Something to fit most tastes and satisfy most desires!

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