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Vietnam's coffee market is very vibrant with the participation of dozens of coffee brands from popular to high-end. In order to maximize profits and take advantage of domestic consumers, most Vietnamese coffee producers do not hesitate to mix impurities, flavors, colors, preservatives, etc. into the coffee. All of these foreign ingredients form a range of unhealthy coffee products that may do harm to consumers.

Saigon On Motorbike Coffee

Saigon On Motorbike Coffee

As time goes by, due to consuming habit or gullible manner, as well as the lack of information, the majority of Vietnamese consumers are having misperceptions about the quality of the coffee. According to them, a delicious coffee cup must ensure 3 factors: having a load of white foam, being concentrated and having a black color. But in fact, pure coffee can not create these 3 elements. Pure coffee has a dark or light brown color like cockroach wings, depending on the style of each manufacturer, and a little brown foam with unconcentrated liquid.

Origin of Saion On Motorbike Coffee:

Saigon On Motorbike Coffee is committed to 100% purity with the following criteria:

  • - No corn, beans mixed
  • - Not impregnating flavor, color
  • - No additives or preservatives
  • - Non-toxic

Saigon On Motorbike Coffee is a harmonious combination of 3 main coffee types: Arabica, Robusta, and Culi. Input coffee materials are carefully selected and purchased from the most prestigious manufacturers in Dak Lak and Lam Dong provinces. Besides, Arabica coffee is thoroughly selected by Saigon On Motorbike from Cau Dat area - a famous coffee growing area in Vietnam.

Our coffees are all made from mature, well-harvested coffees. This is the first stage of selection for the most consistent and quality beans. The harvested coffee beans will be soaked into the water to conduct a complete separation of the crust without scratching the seeds. In this stage, all stages are performed by specialized machines. After that, the coffee will be soaked into the water once again to remove dirt and then it is dried in the sun for 2-3 days. Farmers will use specialized tools to separate the outer layer of coffee and harvest the beans. Next, the coffee will be cleaned and dried and then peeled. The most difficult stage is handling coffee beans. It is required that the coffee beans after being harvested must be intact and the percentage of cracked and broken beans is low. Coffee processing is carried out by a modern machine line. As a result, the kernel obtained is quality and guaranteed. Sai gon On Motorbike Coffee is mixed with the rate of 50% Robusta, 30% Arabica and 20% Culi. This blend helps coffee meet the taste of most people enjoy. Coffee is the most important stage in the entire coffee production process, bringing success to a cup of coffee. The flavor and color of coffee will be decided in this stage. A roasting is completed when the beans have a dark brown color, the inside has a brown color like cockroach wings. The aroma of coffee is aromatic and has a bitter taste. Coffee after roasting is completely cooled and brewed for 15-20 days before grinding. Powdered coffee is not too big when mixed will not get all the flavor. It is better to have 1.6 mm of powdered coffee. Powdered coffee is more likely to lose its flavor compared to beans, so the preservation of this coffee is also more stringent. Saigon On Motorbike Coffee is packed in a sealed bag, meeting the requirements for food packaging. There is also a silver layer to avoid oxidation or a reduction in the taste of the coffee. The outer shell is environmentally friendly paper bag packaging, designed in a simple and sophisticated way, ensuring the uniqueness of the product.

As a travel company, we want to bring to our international friends the special coffee that is only sold at Saigon On Motorbike. In addition to the main task is to provide and serve all kinds of motorbike tours in the city, bringing international friends to all streets of Ho Chi Minh City. We also want to bring Vietnamese coffee to the international market. Join our tour, in addition to unique and new culinary experiences, customers can also buy Saigon On Motorbike Coffee as a gift for family and friends - a gift from a friendly and hospitable city. Saigon On Motorbike Coffee is committed to providing superior quality products and will surely satisfy the most demanding customers. Please try Saigon On Motorbike Coffee every day to remind you of unforgettable memories in Vietnam in which your trips with us were the best!

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